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How to Keep Your Back Away From Pain

Backaches occur to most people at some point of time. They are not only a cause of discomfort but also can cause a lot of anxiety due to its unexpected arrival. Back ache can happen at any time and the cause may be as simple as lifting a paper from the ground with a wrong posture. There are no forthright rules to avoid a back ache but certain preventive measures can go a long way to help you minimize the chances of having a back ache.

Orthopedic Back Rest
How to prevent a back ache?

Back ache as mentioned above is omnipresent, it can happen with the slightest of wrong movement but certainly a few tips can help you avoid a back ache. 
  • Maintaining a good posture is important right from your adulthood. Avoid slouching, or watching TV or reading with incorrect positions. Keep your back straight and give it the right support it needs.
  • A rule we all know but tend to forget is, maintaining your weight. Obesity is the mother of many ailments and back ache is one of them. People with weight on the higher side tend to be more susceptible to back aches as the pressure on the back bone is much more.
  • Back Exercises under the right supervision like some form of consistent stretching and yogic postures can be helpful to avoid back aches if done on a regular basis.
  • What we eat directly affects our body system. Eating food rich in calcium and vitamin b and d gives food to the bones and keeps them healthy and strong.
  • Psychological factors such as the on-the-job stress and dysfunctional family relationships actually may correlate closely with back pain than structural abnormalities. So, try and keep a positive atmosphere all around you.
  • Wearing back braces that support your back and keeps the spine stiff will help you take care of your back and can avoid major problems in the spine.
  • Back braces are of different kinds, you must wear the one that suits your physical condition.
If a back ache is persistent for more than two weeks, it may be a sign of an underlying another problem. Although most back pain syndromes are due to inflammation, especially in the acute phase, which can last from two weeks to three months.
Back Brace

When is Warning Sign to Visit the Doctor without Delay?
  • When a severe back pain that disturbs even your sleep and is accompanied by fever and unexplained weight loss, a visit to the doctor is a must.
  • If the back ache is accompanied by bowel and/or bladder incontinence meaning the patient loses control of his or her bowel movements and has progressive weakness in the legs, it is time to see the doctor.
  • If a back pain occurs after an accident or a trauma it may indicate a bone fracture or other injury.
  • Patients who have osteoporosis are at a high risk of spinal fracture so must see the doctor if they have severe back ache.
  • Individuals who have a history of cancer should visit a doctor without delay if they feel severe pain in the back to rule out metastatic disease of the spine.
However, these are extreme conditions and most back aches can be preventive by wearing the right back braces. Wearing back braces also helps in recovering quickly from an injury that has already occurred. Nonetheless, you have to remember to wear the right brace that suits your physical condition. The different types of braces are:

Lower Back Braces - There are two types of lower back braces to support the lower spine. One is the Trochanteric back brace and the other is the lumbosacral belt wraps.  The Trochanteric back brace is used in problems like a fracture to support and immobilize the pelvic area of the back and it buckles in the front.  The lumbosacral belt prevents motion by putting pressure between the hip bone and the sacrum. Both are meant to support the lower back.
Back Support Braces

Corset Back Brace - The corset back brace lace up on the front, back or side that run up on the shoulder straps and long ties. They provide a bit more flexibility as compared to rigid braces having metal pieces that run along the back of the corset. These braces provide both rigidity and support.  A short corset brace comes in handy to support the lower back and a long corset brace helps to support the upper back as well.

There are also Hyperextension braces, elastic braces and rigid braces. Each brace has a specific role to help the patient overcome the problem of back pain or a back injury.

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We Help You Move Your Steps

GPC Medical Limited is a pioneering international standard company that manufactures all kinds of mobility aids. A mobility aid specifically refers to different types of artificially made supportive aids that help an individual who is immobile to move.

Not able to move on your own is a very stranded and difficult situation for individuals. The feel of being not independent and always insecure about your own steps can be emotionally hurting too. However, there are various mobility aids to help you become mobile on your own depending upon the nature of your immobility.

Mobility Aids are Helpful to Whom?

Mobility aids although used as a generalized term to help in the mobility of people suffering from the ability to move on their own has specific requirements for different patients with different needs.

Aged People - As we grow older, our bones begin to lose their strength, and as a result, we are not able to carry our own weight. Although not all old people require mobility aids but as per the health of an individual the elder people may need mobility aids. A mobility aid would help an elderly feel good and more secure about moving without support of another individual.   It helps the elderly person feel more independent and boosts their self-respect.  

During the Recovery Period after a Surgery - After a surgery the patient is weak and needs to recoup and get back on his feet. The surgeries may be of different nature. The ones that are directly related to walking may need more time to recover as compared to others. Knee replacement surgeries or spinal surgeries may take longer as compared to others. Mobility aids are a boon at this time to help the patient remain mobile and have the freedom to move with assistance from the directed mobility aid by the physician.

After an Accident or Injury - An accident or an injury may make the person unable to move during the recovery period. During this period also the mobility aids can be of great help again depending upon the gravity of the injury and the nature of the fracture. As directed by the physician the mobility aids can help the person remain mobile during this period.

Overweight People - There is an increasing population who is growing towards obesity, especially in developed and developing countries. The extra burden of weight on your knees and spine can make the person immobile or lends to difficulty in moving over a period of time. Mobility aids can help obese people transfer some of the body weight on to the walking aids helping the person to move.

Disabled People - People with chronic disabilities and an assistance required for their movements  also use the mobility aids to help in their movements.

What are Mobility Aids?

Folding Walker with Wheels
Folding Walker with Wheels

A mobility aid is a comprehensive term used for devices that help an individual move. With the assistance from the mobility device the person with inability to move on their own can become mobile either with assistance or by simply using the mobile aids. It helps to resurrect the independence of movements for the person suffering from immobility. 

Walking Aids - Walking aids like canes, crutches, walkers, walker gait hybrid, and gait trainers help the needy to transfer their weight to the walking aid and hold them with the centre fold of the gravity. These walking aids help to transfer the weight from the spine and the knees to the walking aid being used. The additional support given by these walking aids helps the person to move more confidently and with an air of independence.

Folding Wheelchair
Folding Wheelchair
Wheel Chairs - Wheel chairs are a very important mobility aid. It becomes a substitute for walking for the immobile patient. There are two types of wheel chairs. Manually operated wheel chair or electrically operated wheel chair. Depending upon the need of the patient and the ability and purpose for moving the wheel chairs are used.

Mobility Scooters - They are very helpful for people with balance of their foot and ability to hold the handles of the scooter to become mobile without being insecure. They are usually used by the elderly to move around on the streets and also get their own shopping done, offloading the burden on the mobile scooter.

Rollator - A rollator is also an assistance moving aid for increasing the mobility for people who can walk but still need assistance to off load the burden from their legs. It is like a wheeled walker.

Staircase Lifts - These are specialized mobility devices to help the patient move up and down the stairs without using their own legs. They are customized as per the need of the place they are to be used at.

GPC Medical Limited manufactures a complete range of these mobile aids to provide its customers the specific mobility aid. We undoubtedly give you the best mobility aids available in the market and deal with the specific requirements of the patient’s need. Since, each individual has a different need a physician should be referred to before buying the mobility aid.

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